Origin: Sunflower wax is made from winterization of sunflower oil. Triglyceride is produced by hydrolyzing coconut oil to yield fatty acids and glycerol. The fatty acids undergo distillation to separate them into fractions of different chain lengths. The C8 caprylic acid and C10 capric acid fractions are then re-esterified with glycerol to form triglycerides. Alginate is obtained from brown algae.

Also Known As: Sunflower wax, sodium alginate, caprylic/capric triglyceride

Overview: ICE Alginate is an instant cold emulsion (ICE) powder with moisturizing alginate. It is derived from sunflower wax and alginic acid. It creates instant emulsions with a light non-greasy feel when an emulsifier is added to the solution. It leaves a soft, smooth feel on the skin. It also acts as a thickener and stabilizer.

Suggested Uses:

Thin lotions
Natural skin care products

Ideal Concentration Level in Products: 4% to 10%